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Mobile homes for sale in Austin today evolved from humble beginnings. They originated hundreds of years ago out of necessity, transporting families from city to city selling homemade goods. Eventually, the mobile home design developed into a suitable place to settle down, raise kids and cultivate your space all at an affordable price. There are a lot of stereotypes about mobile homes, though. Sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. We decided to shed some light on a couple of these myths, so you can be informed when looking at mobile homes for sale in Austin.

Myth #1: Mobile Homes are Poorly Constructed

This myth originated from the construction quality of trailer homes 50 years ago. At that time, mobile homes were cheaply built, and there weren’t many codes or regulations governing quality. In 1976, however, US Congress passed the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act (42 U.S.C.) making it necessary for the mobile home industry to maintain and uphold higher standards of building and construction. Now, Austin mobile home manufacturers must use high quality materials and pass a third party inspection, while adhering to strict codes and standards, both Federal and Local. Mobile homes in Austin are built in an indoor factory with climate control, ensuring close care and attention to detail from the beginning phases of home building to the end, passing inspections each step of the way.

While many assume that Austin mobile homes are vulnerable to harsh weather changes, the Manufactured Housing Institute points out that this is an old way to view the mobile home industry. In fact, in some of the luxury mobile homes, the quality of construction exceeds that of many site-built homes. Mobile homes are built by skilled craftsmen, using high quality materials. Furthermore, many of the homes built today are Energy Star Approved, which means that they are energy efficient as well.

Myth #2: Mobile Homes are Ugly cookie-cutter houses

This is also something that used to be true about mobile homes in Austin, but isn’t true about modern mobile homes. In fact, they are built in many different models and styles. We have a diverse range of mobile homes for sale in Austin including beginner homes and luxury models. You can browse through hundreds of different double wide and single wide mobile home models that you can look at and compare. Additionally, we work with several different manufacturers to provide you with more options to choose from. From starter homes, with around 700 square feet to luxury models with over 2400 square feet, we have all sizes and styles of mobile homes in Austin. No matter what square footage, amenities, and floor plan you want, we have choices that fit your needs.

Myth #3: Mobile Homes Depreciate Rapidly

This isn’t always true. Rather, it depends on the location and care of the mobile home. If a mobile home is on a rented property and isn’t taken care of, it is true that it doesn’t have much resale value. However, if a mobile home is placed on an owned property, it appreciates and depreciates like a house, particularly if there is landscaping or a more permanent foundation.

Benefits of Mobile Homes

  • Austin mobile homesThe Price. Mobile homes offer not only a lower price, but a better value for the cost. The price per square foot is much lower for mobile homes than for site built homes. The savings come from the building process, which allows the manufacturers to be more efficient in building the homes. In addition, we get a volume discount as one of the largest dealers in Texas, and we pass those savings on to you. As if those savings weren’t enough, we promise meet or beat pricing on any equivalent models. When you shop with us, you can know you are getting the best price for mobile homes in Austin.
  • The Timing. Site built homes can take a long time build and are subject to weather delays, and even stolen materials. Mobile homes are built inside of a regional climate controlled facility, which reduces many of those delays. Also, instead of dealing with multiple service providers(electrician, plumber, framer, contractor, roofer, painter) all of the work is done in house by the manufacturer, which speeds things up quite a bit.
  • Expert Service on Austin Mobile Homes

    Our team of home specialists is ready and waiting to help answer your questions and give you an in-person look at one of the Austin mobile homes you are considering as a potential future home. Why do we think we're the best choice for buying Austin mobile homes? As the Texas-wide mobile homes distributor division of Alamo Homes (the number one independent mobile homes dealer in Texas for sales volume for 2013) we not only have the know-how to help you buy a home, but are backed by the history and integrity of Alamo Homes. This means you're not just getting the best prices on the market, but also buying a manufactured home from an established, respected dealership that has been serving Texas families for almost two decades.

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    austin mobile homesIn addition to our unbeatable deals on starter, family-sized and luxury model homes, we also have a promise that we will beat any advertised mobile homes for sale in Austin TX with an equivalent model. Just contact us with a floorplan and proof of the model price (either a public advertisement or a signed purchase agreement with a business card from the respective dealership) and we will beat any price on any manufactured homes in Austin. Give us a call today or contact us on the web to find out more!

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