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It’s the year 2019, and one question that still remains a mystery, at least in the eyes of most of the internet, is whether or not buying a mobile home is a smart financial move. I like to think those of us who are ready to purchase a new home understand the significance of…(Read More)

Clayton Snead - Mobile Home - Kitchen

When in the market for a new home, you face a variety of choices. What’s best for your family, your current financial situation, and what are you expecting out of your years in that home. Here are three key advantages to why purchasing a mobile home is quite possibly the best fit for you…(Read More)

Congratulations on finding a home that you love, and best fits the needs of you and your family. We know home-buying is a long process, filled with many decisions, and we’re here to ease the stress that financing a used mobile home can bring. Used mobile home buying gives home-buyers a wide…(Read More)

Wind Zones and Your Mobile Home Exterior

If you live near the southern or eastern coasts of the USA, you likely live in a HUD designated Wind Zone. What is a wind zone, you ask? The Wind Zone Rating, introduced in 1994, requires manufactured housing to comply to home building standards in order to withstand the higher winds sometimes experienced on the…(Read More)

Happy 4th of July to you and your family! We know we’re “supposed” to be having a big sale this weekend like all the other competitors out there, and marking down home models $10,000 or more, but we’re not doing that this year. Want to know why? Find out below, then go…(Read More)

San Antonio, Texas – June 12th, 2015 – The historic floods across the state of Texas this spring destroyed homes and tore apart communities, surprising even life-long Texas residents at the scope of destruction. “The pictures we had seen on the news could not compare to the devastation we witnessed firsthand,” the general manager of…(Read More)

The lightning was especially bright, and for an instant would illuminate the dark hospital room where my friends and family gathered around my dying brother. We each took turns playing songs on YouTube that reminded us of Jonathan and I could tell my mother took some comfort in the thought that the skies were opening…(Read More)

Our mission is simple. We help our customers achieve their dream of home ownership. While we are technically offering a sales position, we are not looking for the stereotypical sales rep. Our customers come to us with very real problems. There is something about their current living situation that has them looking to make a…(Read More)

Our Up-Front Pricing


We know your time is valuable so we give you our best price upfront. Would you really trust us if we gave you a price then called you two weeks later with a better deal…or would you question why we just didn’t give you that deal from the start? At Mobile Homes Direct…(Read More)

As a child, the only part I liked about going to the grocery store with my mother was picking out our box of cereal for the week. It’s not that I was overly fond of cereal, but more the rush of excitement I felt when looking over all of the brightly colored displays to…(Read More)

Happy Labor Day – We’re NOT having a big sale, but there’s a special reason why! Let us explain why we aren’t trying to inundate you with some snap decision, one-time-only pressure deal right now on a mobile home. Our team at Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less has been around in…(Read More)

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Happy 4th of July – We’re NOT having a big sale, but we love America more than ever! Let us explain why we aren’t trying to inundate you with some snap decision, one-time-only pressure deal right now on a mobile home. Our team at Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less has been around…(Read More)

Alamo Homes Partners with America’s Largest Homebuilder To Provide The Best Manufactured Homes For Sale In Texas The housing crash of 2007 alongside the U.S. government shut-down and continued economic uncertainty has continued to fuel a growing trend in new home purchases. According to a recent survey by, nearly one…(Read More)

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