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Get ready to save big on homes in Midland. Our new single wide mobile homes start at very affordable prices with great additional features that can include kitchen appliances, laminate flooring and energy-saving insulation. Check out our incredible prices on single wide mobile homes in Midland, TX  today.

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Find that you and your family need more space than before? You don’t have to be cramped and crowded any more, our double wide mobile homes start at very affordable prices! With over 1,200 square feet that’s a hard price to match. Check out our double wide manufactured homes for sale in Midland, TX today.

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Looking for an affordable luxury home? Nothing beats the quality of our manufactured home package deals. These homes often include high-end features like granite kitchen counters, real wood cabinets, spa-style baths, add-on fireplaces or porches and more. Get instant pricing estimates on our manufactured homes available for Midland, TX!

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Every manufactured home model we deliver to Midland, TX now comes with a life time warranty that covers major systems on the mobile home. This includes heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, kitchen appliances and more!

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If you are in the market for a new mobile home in Midland TX we’re ready to help. There are a lot of things to consider in your buying journey!

What type of manufactured home should you buy, a single or double wide?

What home brands are available to deliver to your land in Midland, TX?

How are you going to finance your new mobile home purchase?

What do you need to plan for with budget, land location, and additional home features?

We’re ready to help you answer some of these questions below. Our team is also ready to talk to you direct on the phone if you want to call us now at: 210-293-0083

Types of Mobile Homes Available in Midland, TX

Available types of mobile homes range from smaller single wide homes that are perfect for a small family to larger double wides for those wanting more space in their home. What’s the difference between these two manufactured home options?

Single Wide Mobile Homes: Perfect For Small Families or Work Crews

If you’re looking for a great value, single wide mobile homes are the way to go. A single wide is what it sounds like – one trailer width of a mobile home, which is typically from 14 feet – 18 feet in width and 40 feet – 60+ feet in length.

The compact size and low price tag of a single-wide model make them ideal solutions for small families starting out on their first home or those wanting to house work crews on the cheap.

We can deliver multiple units at a discount if you need them to build a man camp or house a larger workforce for the oil fields.

Double Wide Mobile Homes: Ideal For Large Families in Midland, TX

A double wide home is two single-wide trailer widths joined together. It gives you twice the space of a typical single wide model. These models are ideal for larger families. The price is higher than a single wide, but you still get a tremendous amount of value per square foot compared to the average site-built home.

Homeowners have many opportunities to customize double wide models with additional features such as added office rooms, extra bedrooms, porches, fireplaces, customized kitchen layouts and more. We can help you to design your very own unique space that works best for your family and their needs!

Top Manufactured Home Brands Available in Midland, TX

In Midland, TX, we can deliver manufactured homes from a range of leading Texas-built manufactured home models. We can deliver homes from Fleetwood, Clayton, Cavco, Meridian, Sulphur Springs, TruMH and more!

The Quality of Clayton Homes

Clayton home models offer some of the highest quality and best value in our inventory. You can choose from dozens of single or double wide models built by Clayton right here in Texas. Our Clayton home models also come with dozens of included home features that contribute to energy efficiency, home appearance and more. You can also customize many Clayton floor plans to add rooms, porches, fireplaces and more, to truly make them your dream home!

The Affordability of TruMH Homes

We are one of the leading retailers in Texas for TruMH home models, delivering hundreds of homes over the years across Texas. TruMH homes are built to maximize cost-savings for customers, without sacrificing home quality. We can bring you the lowest prices on affordable TruMH mobile homes in Midland, TX compared to the competition.

Financing Options for Mobile Homes in Midland, TX

When it comes to financing your purchase of a mobile home in Midland, TX, understanding both traditional and non-traditional options is essential for making an informed decision that works best with your financial situation. Investigating these options ahead of time will ensure you have a smooth process when buying your new Midland, TX manufactured home.

Traditional Financing Options Available

Midland,TX boasts a selection of banks and credit unions that provide mortgages and loans that could work for your home purchase. We do not recommend specific lenders, but we can help you navigate the process.

Most mobile home buyers must apply for a chattel loan with a bank, which is a loan structure similar to an auto loan. This is because a mobile home is considered personal property, and not real estate, if it is not installed on a permanent home foundation and certified.

If you plan to place your manufactured home on a permanent foundation on your land, this opens up more traditional loan options such as bank mortgages, FHA and VA loans, and so on. You may even qualify for a first time home buyer loan with certain banks!

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