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Mobile Homes for Sale in Midland

Mobile homes are a versatile housing solution that fits many needs. Whether you’re looking for workforce housing, a small starter home, or a large luxury model, we have mobile homes for sale in Midland perfect for you. When it comes to getting a Midland or Odessa mobile home that’s perfect for you, four factors are important to consider.

  • Size - You probably already know what features you want, and about how many square feet you need for your home. At Mobile Home Direct, you can browse through hundreds of models, and find more models at the size you need.
  • Brand - Not all mobile homes are created equal. Each mobile home manufacturer specializes in different areas. Some focus on providing the most cost-effective housing, with only the basic features. Others focus on creating luxury homes that rival a site built home in quality and beauty. Finding the right brand of mobile home is easier when you can compare more of them. At Mobile Homes Direct, we offer online comparison of homes from many different brands, so it’s easier to find mobile homes for sale in Midland.
  • Floor Plan - Even mobile homes with the same square footage can be very different. Floor plans can make a huge difference in which mobile home in Midland is right for you. One mobile home might have a bigger living area and smaller bedrooms, another might have an extra bedroom/office, instead of a large living area. The choice is yours.
  • Price - The combination of the three elements above can often contribute to the element of price. The price of mobile homes for sale in Midland vary widely depending on size, brand, and dealership. At Mobile Homes Direct, we guarantee that you will find the best prices here. We will meet or beat any price on an equivalent model.

Commercial Grade Workforce and Oil Field Housing Coming Soon!

We hope to soon offer commercial grade Workforce and Oil Field housing which is specifically designed for repeated moves from place to place. Manufactured homes are not built to commercial standards but rather to HUD standards for residential use. If residential housing could fit your housing need and would comply with any zoning or other legal restrictions, you will find that we have the Biggest On-The-Lot Selection Of Homes In South Texas From Home Manufacturers Such As Clayton, Fleetwood, Schult, TruMH, And More! Browse Our Homes Below Or Visit Our Huge Dealership To See Dozens Of Low and Value Priced Models built to meet your residential needs.

Find the Best Mobile Home for Sale in Midland, TX

mobile homes for sale in midland txAt Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less, we want to provide you with the best home buying experience possible. We offer upfront pricing, and never use high-pressure sales tactics, allowing you to choose the best fist for you without a persuaded ideas. We know purchasing a home for your employees or yourself is a decision that takes time and research, so give us a call if you have any questions about mobile home deals, mobile home financing, or if you're interested in knowing the basic beginner's steps to purchasing a home. Our team of experienced professionals can help!

Mobile Homes For Sale at An Unbeatable Cost

The Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less Guarantee guarantees that our prices will always be less, so there's no need to fret or look any further. Other mobile homes for sale in Midland and Odessa average at $7,000 over our competitive prices. Not only are we confident that we can supply your need at a price you want, we are also proud of our up-front and honest online pricing. You're always able to browse our website and choose the mobile home most fitting to your needs, style, and budget.

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