Mobile Homes for Workforce Housing

It’s no secret that the West Texas oil economy is booming, making cities like Midland and Odessa home to an influx of thousands of new workers on a regular basis. Mobile homes provide the perfect balance of comfort and shelter with ample space. Our extensive inventory includes affordable workforce housing ranging from small units like 1/1 to 5/5 units, and many options in between, built specifically with the oil field man camps in mind. Whether you’re in search of a single space for a worker’s private use, or a larger area for an employer to fit their team, we have the home you need, regardless of the size.

Mobile Homes: A Durable Solution

We can all expect the oil and natural gas industry to flourish for years to come. To support this industry, many companies use durable, lasting housing solutions for their employees. Mobile homes for sale in Midland are a crucial part of supporting employees and the cities they serve. The need for housing and the longevity of our mobile homes in Midland go hand and hand. While mobile homes of the past earned a reputation for poor quality, today’s mobile homes have a different standard. Starting in 1976, federal rules and regulations for manufactured homes began pushing makers to implement quality control processes that improved durability, ensuring the precision and quality you need. Manufactured homes are reliable and safe, constructed with the same materials as site-built homes, and able to withstand 105mph winds for a 30 minute period with little to no damage. Mobile homes for sale in Odessa/Midland and the surrounding areas are the durable housing solution you need

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Mobile Homes Close to the Oilfields

There are many advantages to mobile homes close to the oilfields. You can have the space you need at an affordable price, and purchase it with no hassle or pressure sales tactics, making our mobile homes financially trouble-free, with low monthly payments. The houses are durable and you can feel comfortable to rest and recharge in them, and they are close to your workplace. Because employees can not drive hundreds of miles each day to the oil fields as a normal commute, our mobile homes create the solution. You can house all men and women comfortably, on-site and close to their working quarters, making the commute small to none, and allows walking to work to be the greatest and most time-efficient option. Being walking distance from your workplace allows on-call jobs to happen more frequently and smoothly, getting more work done at half the time. And just in case of an emergency, you’re always near someone should you or they need help. Our mobile homes provide private and semi-private bathrooms, and a laundry facility, allowing you to meet every need within your working quarters.

Best Prices In Texas

Our 4 Less Guarantee guarantees that you always get the best price when you shop with us. If you think you’ve found an equivalent model for a better price somewhere else, bring us a proof of the price and we’ll beat it. To get the best deal on your workforce housing solutions, call or contact us today!

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