When in the market for a new home, you face a variety of choices. What’s best for your family, your current financial situation, and what are you expecting out of your years in that home. Here are three key advantages to why purchasing a mobile home is quite possibly the best fit for you.

1. Affordability and Size

Mobile home buying is often more convenient, tangible and realistic financially. Forget the idea that because mobile homes cost less than site-built homes, they are cheaper in quality and less worthy of choosing as a home. With our mobile homes averaging at $40,000.00 for a brand new single-wide, homeownership is made easy. Our mobile home selection caters to fresh and state of the art luxury and design, spaciousness, and cost. Your choices range from a 550 sq ft to 2,500 sq ft., so there is no compromising on the size of your new home. No matter the stage of life you’re in, first-time home buyers to retirees, the choice is natural: space and savings.

With low-priced homes, your monthly payment very likely can be less than an apartment’s rent. Clayton Amelia - Mobile Home - Master BathroomBecause our homes are built by mass production in a controlled environment, the savings come from our access to materials, the continual recycling of parts, reusing excess, and efficient assembly labor. Your mobile home is sure to keep its value or appreciate over time. When you purchase a mobile home, you choose more space for your money.

2. Land and Parks

One neat aspect of owning a mobile home is the well-esteemed lifestyle that many enjoy because of them. Mobile homes park in their essential land sites, in a mobile home park that has access to ponds, parks, and lakes. With the right research of your mobile home park, you can find a dream location that has quality ownership and management, low monthly rates, and a vibrant community. Because your mobile home resides on land, you can enjoy the perks of home ownership without a property tax, having to maintain your area and the utilities included in your rent! Your land rental fees usually include garbage and recycling, which is a bonus.

The ease of owning a mobile home on land is that there is minimal maintenance involved. Once you own your mobile home, the possibilities of upgrades are endless. With your initial savings from your mobile home purchase you’re able to remodel, paint and add additions at any time.

3. Durability

It’s no secret that there’s a question about durability and security in mobile homes. Luckily those myths are busted. While the misconception is that mobile homes are unsafe and will not withstand during heavy rains, winds, and tornadoes, it is untrue. These unfortunate beginnings sprouted in a time when mobile home developments and some construction practices were not upClayton Mobile Home - Living Room to par. Now, however, the mobile home standard and building practices are held to a rigorous standard. Our mobile homes are quality and secure, including durability in fire safety, plumbing, electrical systems, structural design and more.

Our homes are built to withstand all elements and are held in place by steel anchors, secure to the ground. These homes, from beginning stages of development to the end, exceed the quality control of their site-built home counterparts from inspection during construction, onto its delivery site, and even after installation. There’s now no question about your mobile home lasting you forever.

Make Your Move

Finding your mobile home doesn’t have to be a trying and stressful process. Our experienced and helpful team at Mobile Homes Direct has served Texas families by finding the right home for them. Contact us today, on the web or give us a call, to find out more information, get a quote or come in to visit one of our many mobile home models.