Our mission is simple. We help our customers achieve their dream of home ownership.

While we are technically offering a sales position, we are not looking for the stereotypical sales rep. Our customers come to us with very real problems. There is something about their current living situation that has them looking to make a change and they are counting on our team to help them achieve that goal.

Our company is unique in that we carry 10 of the top factories in Texas giving our customers unprecedented access to hundreds of homes from reputable name brand builders. This allows us to help our customers make the right decision for them rather than pushing one factory over another. We help our customers make the most educated buying decision possible by giving them open and honest answers every step of the way.

We do not need to hide behind sales gimmicks or entice customers with free gifts. We lead with our absolute best price up front. We even take it a step further by publicly posting the price of every home we carry on our online catalog. This allows us to work with our customers to find the right home for them instead of the home we can make the most money on.

Finally, we do not ask for money up front just to do our job. If our customers want to know how much they need down or what their monthly payment will look like, then we help them get answers direct from the lenders free of charge. Until our customers agree that the finance terms fit their budget, then we have not earned the right to asked for a dime.

So who are we looking for???

If you have experience in:

Customer Service

…Then you have already been preparing for this job opportunity!

What Skills Will You Need?