As a child, the only part I liked about going to the grocery store with my mother was picking out our box of cereal for the week. It’s not that I was overly fond of cereal, but more the rush of excitement I felt when looking over all of the brightly colored displays to see what toy would be at the bottom of the box. Of course my mother could save a few bucks with an off brand that tasted the exact same, but the name brand cereal came with a glow in the dark tattoo!!

Then life forced me to become an adult….

During my training as a new sales rep I was exposed to the wizard behind the curtain and soon became very jaded with all the advertisements for outrageous sales and free gifts with my purchase. If that sofa could be marked down 50% just for Labor Day, then why were they trying to rip my head off the rest of the year? That “free” sound system looks nice, but how much is that truck marked up to cover the cost of your generous gift?

I would venture to say that in the factory built housing industry, this practice of enticing a customer to make a life changing purchase with the lure of an exploding one time offer happens more than anywhere else. Of course a few customers still sign on the dotted in exchange for a “free” washer and dryer, but more and more, customers are getting wise to the games and gimmicks that have made up the bulk of the sales process in this industry over the last decade. Search engines and social media sites have given the customer the power to do their research and identify their desired home before they even engage a sales rep. The more empowered buyers have been shopping for a factory built home for some period of time then they’ve more than likely realized that there is a new sale every month for some reason or another. If they haven’t made a purchase yet then there is some problem that a “free” flat screen TV just will not solve.

The problems our customers have are not unique to them. Every home buyer that purchases a manufactured or modular home has to find solutions to the same set of issues before they can move forward with a home purchase:

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–General Manager at Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less