Planning to Live in a Mobile Home Park in San Antonio?

According to a recent UT Austin survey, there are 88 different mobile home parks in San Antonio, TX offering extremely affordable living spaces.

With San Antonio and New Braunfels being two of the fastest growing cities in the USA, finding an affordable place to live isn’t always the easiest.

That’s where reserving space in one of the 88 mobile home parks in San Antonio can help you out. Monthly rates can be very affordable, sometimes in the $300s or less, which is WAY better than rent on most homes or apartments you’ll find in San Antonio.

But in order to get a space in one of San Antonio’s mobile home parks, you need something else – a mobile home to put there!

Finding the Right Home for a Mobile Home Park in San Antonio, TX

mobile home parks in San Antonio TXWhat makes a home just right for placing in a mobile home park? Size, home features and door placement are the biggest factors to consider other than cost.

Depending on the size of lot you are renting in the park, you might need a much smaller home model than what you might otherwise buy to place on ranch land out in the hill country, for example.

Some models are specifically built as “park model” homes too, and come with home features included with a mobile home park placement in mind.

Door placement can also be really important. Most mobile home models put the door on the longer side of the home, but some models put a door on the shorter end of the home, allowing you to place a home in a smaller lot between other homes, and have much easier front door access.

Our Top 5 Mobile Home Model Recommendations For Park Placement:

1. Sulphur Springs Sandpiper Smart Cottage – 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

The Sandpiper Smart Cottage is part of the Sulphur Springs line of Smart Cottage models. These homes are built to be small for the purpose of placing them efficiently on limited-sized lots, such as in a mobile home park in San Antonio!

This Smart Cottage model comes with a small wooden front porch and front-facing door entrance that allows for placing the home in a narrow space if needed. This model also has wall-to-wall windows in the living room, giving you a great view if you want it!

2. Sulphur Springs Starling Smart Cottage – 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

The Starling Smart Cottage is part of the same series as the Sandpiper model above. This home is a lot like the Sandpiper but comes with some additional features such as front AND rear porch options.

This Smart Cottage model also comes with the same front-facing door entrance that allows you to fit it in a narrow mobile home park space if needed.

3. TruMH Bliss – 2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

The TruMH Bliss is part of the Tru Homes series of home models, built to maximize efficiency and fit almost any budget. If you’re looking for one of the most affordable options for placing a home in a mobile home park lot, one of the TruMH home models will be the best pick for you.

The TruMH Bliss is bigger than the Smart Cottage homes. It has a more traditional home layout with a large open kitchen/living room space and two standard sized bedrooms.

4. Sulphur Springs Heron Smart Cottage – 2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom

Switching back to the Smart Cottages, the Heron is one of the larger Cottage series models. This home still gives you great park-friendly features but also a LOT more living space to move around in.

The Heron has a built-in front porch with a front-facing door, but can also be customized with a back porch extension too. It also has similar wall-to-wall windows in the kitchen/living room space to maximize your view!

5. Clayton Inspiration 66 – 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

The Clayton Inspiration 66 is one of the largest “smaller” home models that could fit well in most mobile home parks in San Antonio. This is going to be a higher-end home with a lot more space and features than the compact park-sized models.

The Inspiration has a wide open kitchen space with an island, a cozy living room with optional gas fireplace, and a master bathroom larger than what you’ll find in a typical compact park model. It might be big, but it’s worth checking out to see if your mobile home park lot can fit a home like this!

We have a lot more homes than this that can be effectively placed in any of the 88 mobile home parks in San Antonio, Texas. If you need help selecting the best home model for your situation and budget, we’re ready to help! Just call or contact us today and start getting answers right away.