San Antonio, Texas – June 12th, 2015 – The historic floods across the state of Texas this spring destroyed homes and tore apart communities, surprising even life-long Texas residents at the scope of destruction.

“The pictures we had seen on the news could not compare to the devastation we witnessed firsthand,” the general manager of a Texas manufactured homes dealership and clean-up volunteer in Wimberley, TX, said. “House after house had been washed away down to the foundation and debris littered the area.”

But it is Texans helping Texans that are bringing things back to normal again. Our dealership, a Texas-based family-owned business called Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less, is publicly committing to do their part by offering all Texas homeowners who lost homes in the spring floods the exclusive opportunity to purchase a new manufactured home at-cost with their staff’s help.

Flood Pic WimberleyWe recently took several of our staff up to Wimberley, TX on an off-day to volunteer with the clean up efforts. What we saw after spending a day cleaning up debris in the Wimberley area, changed our perspective and inspired us to want to do even more to help by assisting homeowners with at-cost purchases of manufactured homes through his dealership.

“What we witnessed that day however was nothing short of inspiring,” a representative said. “Dozens of volunteers young and old came together to help people they had never met…Perfect strangers had bonded together and shown that resilience and spirit of community still remained strong throughout the state of Texas.”

We emphasized that this initiative is not a promotion, sales gimmick or publicity effort, but is a truly at-cost, no-profit initiative by our Texas staff to try and help fellow Texans rebuild their lives. Sales staff are volunteering their time and waiving their commission on all homes for Texas flood victims while this program is in effect starting June 2015.

Our company will not be gaining any financial profit from this assistance to flood victims. Because of that they have to strictly limit this assistance to people in Texas who can provide legal proof their home was destroyed in the spring floods. Valid documents include insurance claim forms, a letter from the city/county verifying condemnation of the destroyed property, or other related legal documentation.

If you are a Texas flood victim or know someone who is that could benefit from this housing assistance initiative, please contact the Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less team immediately through their website contact form or call their Flood Assistance Hotline at: (210) 900-3880.